Body-Solid Power Rack Cage Reviews

When you’re trying to build a fit, healthy body, that’s the best fashion statement of all time, right? Well, imagine yourself with eight-packs and a sassy beard. Heavyweights in your hand as well!

That would make anyone feel amazing – but if this is something for which you want perfection, then remember one thing: Exercises like squats will help keep any weight on those muscles by using leg muscle and higher body power.

YES! It’s an all-embracing full-body workout that can raise your athleticism and help you develop stronger muscles. At the same time, dumbbell squats are fun and simple to do. But for that, you’ll need a Body-Solid GPR378 Adjustable Pro Power rack!

Here, in this article, we will discuss Body-Solid GPR378, its pros and cons, specification and features in detail, so, without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

About Body-Solid GPR378 Adjustable Pro Power Racks

A power rack (generally known as a squat or power cage) is used for solid body exercise. The name will give you a hint that its body appears as steel, cage-like construction. These racks come up with four perpendicular stakes.

It encompasses the lifter throughout its lifts. Besides, a control track implies essentially for barbell workouts, such as squatting and other heavy-duty barbell lifts. So, in short, ease of drift connected with flexible racking makes the Power Rack best for those who wish to lift without breaking a sweat.

Here, you can also note that the Body-Solid Power Rack is versatile to work with all sorts of benches and for extreme exercises. The excellent news is these power racks are versatile, flexible, expandable, affordable, long-lasting, reliable, and are a magnificent start to any gym or box with any budget.


  • It has a Heavy Duty 11-gauge Steel 3″ x 3″ Structure that is best for almost every setting.
  • It has a flexible body with Dimensions: 50″ L x 46″ W x 80″ H that is expandable.
  • 1.5″ Dia. Chinning Bar will help a user to do loose chin-ups and lifting.
  • It possesses a Lifetime Home Warranty.


  • There isn’t a dip attachment.
  • There are no weight storage bars on the side.

Highlights & Features

Now, as you have learned how fantastic this solid-body power rack can prove for you, it is time to dig deeper into its perks. In plain speak, this product is high-quality stuff that is suggested by many experts and by us. The prime flash behind its credibility is the heavy-duty 11-gauge high stainless steel strength frames.

The best thing is these gauges feature all-4-side with welded construction and oversized modern strength hardware. This solid-body rack will work amazingly regardless of your weight or how much force you are applying while using it.

After knowing the user’s viewpoint and digging a lot deeper, we have grabbed some features that will insist on you to go for Body-Solid GPR378 Power Rack on the go. So, keep reading!


We all agree that style and appearance matter in every case. If we talk about this Body-Solid GPR378 Power Rack, its design is the best thing about it. It has a stainless steel body with black rods and stripes that makes its appearance exceptional. It has audible and steely edges that add perfection to the look and design.


Another crucial element is comfort. If your exercising machine is not comfortable, you can do heavy workouts smoothly. Also, there will always be a risk of body pain after exciting if your machine is not comfortable. With this logic in mind, this Body-Solid GPR378 Power Rack comes with a pretty comfortable design. The seat where a user has to sit is molding and soft. As a result, the hip area of users will remain firm, and they can do lifting and squat swiftly and smoothly.


Yet another beneficial asset of this body-solid power rack is it is easy to use. It holds a T-Bar Leg Hold Down Accessory and design features quick, calm, solid, and secure features. In addition, they have a 6-position ladder-design back pad that helps in supporting users’ backs and adjustments. So, in short, its usability is good enough to make you a pro in extreme workouts.


As we have mentioned before, this Body-Solid GPR378 Power Rack is versatile. The reason behind this is its sturdy handles that ensure a proper fit for any size and weight user. Also, due to its adjustability to several starting positions, a user can do Chin Ups, Dips, and Push-Ups. So, you can say it’s your all-in-one gym.


Last but not least! Safety is a must. If the machine is not safe, it will be life-threatening for the user. Well! If you use a Body-Solid GPR378 Power Rack, there is no need to worry about safety concerns. With integrated safeties, this Power Rack reduces the risk of collapsing. In addition, this product supports modern gymnastics, offering powerlifting, Squats, Overhead Press, Rack Pull, Barbell, and more.

About the Brand

Well! Every brand of body solid power racks has value all its own. Many brands offer a bunch of unique propositions that turn the tables of their competitors. However, IRON COMPANY is one of them. Their Solid GPR378 Power Rack is superb. It is committed to designing, quality, and versatility. And that is why it is best if you are equipping your home gym, business facility, or office. You can also say that this brand gets a high rank for building this product that can fit our everyday needs—prioritizing simple-to-do exercise, extreme workouts, easy-to-achieve results, and stuff that lasts.

Product FAQs:

How big is a body solid power rack?

It’s versatile and adaptable for almost every size. So whether your workout activity includes squats, shoulder shrugs, or chin-ups, this power rack makes the process easy and safe.

How do I get a quote?

It is as easy as a one-click process. Just tap on the quote button, and you will get a quote on the go.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is via email or the ‘Contact Us’ form.

Are you able to ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship internationally and assure you of the quality each time.


With this information in mind, save in your pocket if you’re in search of a solid, resolute rack that can ply the weight for a low price; Body-Solid GPR378 Power Rack is for you. So, no matter what the case, it’s an all-embracing full-body workout product that can raise your athleticism and help you develop stronger muscles. Go for it now!

As you may have gathered from the Body-Solid review, the GPR378 is the best for experienced amateur or low-level professional weightlifters. Still, if you are lifting heavy and don’t mind paying a few dollars for a very high-quality rack, the GR378 might be for you. Instead, the GPR378 uses a power rack system that is much simpler and more convenient than other gyms in a similar price range.

It offers you good features and a training ground for intense exercise with light mobility. It also allows many gyms such as bench press, overhead press, barbell row, inverted row, squat and barbell exercises, etc. As a result, it is quickly becoming a popular choice for many weightlifters.

Although this rack is more expensive than many comparable cages, its stability and heavyweight can be worth the extra investment. Most racks have holes in the back for wall mounting or the bottom for screwing to the floor. Some functions can not be seen or touched, but they count more than what you perceive; the warranty is a great example. The last thing you want is to have your rack fall apart around you without guaranteeing that it will cover it. 

You will also need a place to place the barbell for the bench press and squat overhead, and you will also need access to safety monitors to ensure you can safely step on the bench press and squat on training days alone. 

Find out if there is an anti-roll bar in the rack. They are usually located along the lower back of the rack and can get in a bit of an issue.

Assembling the GPR378 is relatively simple, and you will need additional tools, notably a wrench, to assemble the power rack. The power rack is standardly equipped with pipe and pin locks, J-cups and an integrated 1 1/4 lift bar. This half-rack is a Monster Rack, so it is made from 3 x 3 gauge 11 steel, there are bolt-on options, but it is very strong without it.

Body-Solid Power Rack (# GPR378) features a strong 11 gauge steel frame with a four-sided welded construction and sizeable industrial-grade equipment that can handle loads up to 800 pounds. On the other hand, the Power Rack Body-Solid GPR400 is only 79 high, durable, easily customizable and can withstand impacts for a long time. 

To look at customer reviews on this cage, you will see that it is a sturdy stand without many downsides. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, I have not been able to find a single adjustable fuse squat rack at a close price that justifies buying an actual electric cage. While you can walk quite far without special training equipment, it doesn’t compare to what a lifting cage has to offer. 

With the addition of a pair of pull-up bars and the ability to do all kinds of barbell exercises, the variety it offers is simply unique. No company has come close to the mixture and customization of Rogue Fitness, but Body-Solid has two very powerful power racks that are perfect for home gyms. In addition to their strength, racks also sell free weight machines, multi-function machines, cardiovascular machines, and similar products.

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A Power Rack is weight-lifting equipment, usually 11 or 12 gauge steel with four struts and a pair of safety bars that allows you to train with free weights that include a barbell but would avoid limitations seen with a Smith machine.

Product Body Champ Power Rack Picture Brief Description Traditionally designed power rack with wide path design 800 lb lift capacity. Size 46″ L x 44 “W x 81 inches B Reality X-Class Fitness Product Image Brief Description Superior product for intense muscle and strength training 1000 lbs Payload Dimensions 47 “L x 44” W x 81 “Product HulkFit Multifunctional Strength Rack Picture Brief Description Excellent equipment for exercise in your gym.

With this strengthening equipment, you can lift heavy barbells, do push-ups, pull-ups, curls, squats, bench presses, bench presses and more – all traditional exercises like squats, bench press and military press.

To expedite this process, we reviewed strength and squat racks from industry leaders, including Rogue Fitness, Body-Solid, Valor Fitness, and XMark, to help you find the best home exercise rack. In this article, I will show you many different power racks, cages and squat racks and provide you with some things you need to pay attention to when buying. All of this is to increase your chances of getting what you want and need for the first time.


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