Powerline PPR200X Power Rack Review

What got me into purchasing the PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack? Here is how it started. I was not particular about my body frame until Leah, my wife, spoke of her love for my friend’s well-built body. I have never heard her say something like that, so I got the subtle message. It hurt, but I didn’t react. I didn’t go to a gym because I wasn’t sure I could stand the attention there, so I opted to build my strength at home. I immediately hopped on Google searching for a home gyming training kit—I have never been a gym fan, but I’d do anything for Leah. This was where I first discovered how important a power rack is to home gyms. Mark, the friend Leah complimented, will later refer me to PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack.

Powerline PPR200X Review

The PowerLine PPR200X rack is one of the essential pieces of equipment you can invest in if you’re starting. Here is why:

One of the disadvantages of a home gym is the probable absence of a spotter. To train without a spotter, especially as a beginner, is to open yourself to a high risk of injury or even death. For home gym owners, the rack doubles as your spotter. It keeps you safe and can very realistically save your life if need be. A power rack also allows you to perform many movements you’ll never be able to do with a bench rack, squat stand, or no rack at all. It’s perhaps the most critical component of all great home gyms. The PPR200X is one of the best budget power racks available and is a solid entry from Body-Solid in this market section.

Unboxing and Setup

This power rack is shipped in 3 boxes, a long one for the upright posts and two smaller ones for the other bars, sabers and catch pegs. The total shipping weight is about 136 lbs. The rack is not altogether too difficult to put together. The whole task shouldn’t take more than 1 hour if you’re doing it alone and 20 mins if you get another person to help. There is an assembly manual to guide, providing all the instructions necessary. However, tools required for assembly are not supplied. It will be great to have an adjustable wrench or a socket wrench size 3/4.

Design and Build Quality

This power rack looks good, with a sleek design and frames with a two-toned surface, black and gray. The frame is gray, while the little pieces holding the frame together are jet-black. This makes it pleasant to look at without color complications. In addition, the rack is made out of 12-gauge steel, making it firm.

All the parts are of consistent quality and size. There were no issues with any welds, no cracks or scuff marks on the uprights or the other pieces. This is a quality power rack.  Maintenance also doesn’t require much either. All you need to do is to check the joints from time to time if the bolts are still tight in their places.


The rack’s footprint is 44″ x 82″ x 46″. It’s a wide rack, so it gives you a lot of room to walk in and move side-to-side.

With that luxury of space, you can easily move around doing rounds of decline, incline, flat, military presses, squats, calf raises, and shrugs. In addition, you can work out without risks of injuries because the unit is well-provided with safety precautions. It has two heat-tempered liftoffs as well as two saber-style safety rods.

Weight Capacity

Its weight capacity is moderate at 600lb and fits most beginner to intermediate lifters. This perhaps is suitable for the vast majority of people. The frame size is 2″ x 2″ and made out of 12 gauge steel. This is around the bare minimum for a power rack and consistent with what you will find with most entry-level power racks. A 3″ x 3″ power rack will have more weight capacity and be stronger, but it will cost some bucks more.


The most prevalent issue with power racks is stability. You want it stable and firm enough to hold its ground as you perform your routines. Unfortunately, not every power rack can do that. PowerLine Power Rack by Body-Solid, however, stays in place regardless of whatever amount of weight it deals with. This power rack comes equipped with two heat-tempered liftoffs and two safety rods that create a safe lifting environment. These rods are attached to the frame using pins, and they have spring-loaded bearings, making them safer. However, the paint job of these parts tends to chip off upon each contact. This may leave you with some rather unsightly parts as the steel is exposed to corrosion.


A power rack is not what you aspire to buy frequently, and as such, it is a significant investment. However, it is one of the cornerstone pieces of your home gym. Therefore, you want to ensure you are buying a quality one. The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty for the unit’s frame and a one-year warranty on the other parts. That is proof enough that the PowerLine PPR200X is made to last. It is durable, it is easy to use, and it is ideal to have around. It’s one worthy investment you would surely adore. However, it doesn’t cover the paint finish, which is one of this rack’s weaknesses and ensures you assemble correctly to maintain your warranty.


The PPR200X does very well when it comes to safety and adjustability. A wide ‘walk-in’ design offers plenty of side-to-side movement. As a result, you won’t feel restricted at all when you’re working out within this rack.  Other racks provide more options, but others are much more expensive, while some skimp on the basics. A significant feature I’d have loved this rack to have is plate storage, but you can get it as an attachment.


Alongside the rack comes two heat-tempered liftoffs and two saber-style safety rods that allow you to lift safely and efficiently. The liftoffs and safety rods slide through the 1″ holes in the power rack and are secured with spring-loaded ball bearings pins.  These pins are easy to slide in and out as they don’t require much force.

The safety rods are easy to slide in and out, and it doesn’t take long to move them to a different setting when you are switching exercises. This doesn’t mean they do not make a bit of noise rubbing against the holes as you slide them, only that there’s not too much friction. They are very sturdy and do not bend easily.


The PPR200X has 18 different adjustment levels 3″ apart. This is no different from the standard entry-level power rack. However, there are no adjustment settings closer to the floor. They stop at about knee level. If there were a few more settings below the knee, you would be able to do varying levels of rack pulls and other exercises that require bending over.

Pullup Bar

The rack comes with a pull-up bar knurled with a diamond-cut pattern. A pair of gloves will do as this can be rough on the hands. Weighted pull-ups and hanging leg raises can make the rack a bit wobbly, but you can load up a barbell on the liftoffs to weigh it down to reduce the wobbliness.


In terms of attachments and expandability, Body-Solid offers some excellent attachments. Including a lat attachment, grips and ab slings for your hanging ab work. Some of the most popular attachments for this power rack include:

The DR100 Dip Attachment

This is a great asset to turn your power rack into a dip station to work out your chest, arms, and shoulders. You can also use it for incline pushups as well. They are installed by sitting on the safety spotter bars. This provides good stability, and it’s easy to remove and adjust the height. Also, because the handles taper, you can use different starting positions to target different muscles.

PLA200X Lat Attachment

The PLA200X is an excellent complement to the PPR200X. With this, you can add seating and standing rows, lat pulldowns, tricep pushdowns, and a couple of other exercises. It turns your power rack into a multi-workout machine. This attachment gifts your standard plates and uses nylon-coated, aircraft-quality cables that can load up to 2200 pounds. It comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s also reasonably easy to assemble.

Powerline PPR200X Review – Final Thoughts

The PPR200X is a durable power rack well suited for most beginner lifters. It’s arguably cheap, and the value you get is excellent. The weight capacity is good, there are many usable attachments, and the rack is stable enough, although it tends to wobble slightly during weighted pull-ups and hanging leg raises. The walk-in space design is wide, and there is plenty of room to add a bench if you wish to. As implied earlier, the paint job is poor and may chip off. The 600-pound weight capacity may also not be enough for more experienced lifters. The paint issues can be mitigated using foam padding and tape.

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Bowflex Body Tower

You can use the stand in more than 15 positions; it is strong but not heavy, which allows you to move it without problems and by your hands only – it is 82 “high, 46″ deep and 44” wide. This power frame is beneficial for people of different body types and offers you a lot of space inside the house; thanks to its characteristics, this strength rack is perfect for any weight lifter or anyone looking for a home gym full of energy.

All home and commercial fitness enthusiasts can use the technology of this rack; however, the Body-Solid Powerline rack is best for home gym owners, primarily non-professional fitness enthusiasts, and contains precautions so that you can enjoy your workout without risk of injury. In addition, the stand looks good and is strong enough to give you the confidence you need to exercise safely.

The stand also offers 18 positions to adapt to different heights and exercises. The stance is safe for lifting alone, with 18 positions that will enable you to do bench presses, bends, barbells, squats, military presses, deadlifts, and shrugs. However, you can use this power rack with various weight benches if they do not exceed a width of 42 (106 cm ).

Many power racks also feature a chin bar to allow users to perform push-ups, chin-ups and chins, hover leg rises, triceps pull-up, front row pull, cable pull, bicep curl and more.

Powerline Power Racks

This post is a complete analysis of the power rack, including design and builds quality, stability, specs, accessories and more if you go to the gym every day to do squats, bench presses, curls and pull-ups correctly.

It helps you lift weights safely and effectively and gives you a lot of side-to-side motion for your exercises, giving you a lot of room – with its high performance and functional design, it makes training more comfortable and efficient. You will be able to do squats, bench presses (incline or flat) and shoulder shrugs, and you can also add accessories to expand your exercise range and make the most of your home gym space.

Some of their notable products are (but are not limited to) the Leg Press Attachment, Squat Rack, Dumbbell Rack, Lat Trainers, Leg Press, Upright Leg Press, Preacher Curl Pack, Glutes and more. In addition to strength racks, they also sell free weight machines, multifunction machines, cardiovascular machines and other similar products. They are usually more affordable than Smith machines as most come without rocker arms and disc sets and are also slightly less flexible than Smith machines.

Despite the high weight limit of 600 pounds, the powerline PPR200X Power Rack is often available at an entry-level price below $400. Other alternatives include the highly acclaimed HulkFit Multifunctional Adjustable Power Cabinet, the premium ARCHON Power Rack Power Grid, Rep PR-5000 Commercial Power Rack, or the popular CAP Barbell Model.

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