Techrod Home Gym

Techrod Tr2 Home Gym

The Tech Rod TR-2 Home Gym helps you bring the power of gym membership to your home. It uses resistance bars and weights to challenge many different muscle groups in your body

The exercises work on the latissimus dorsi, the large muscle in the back that helps to move shoulders and trunk. Several unique exercises complete the Tech Rod TR-2 Home Gym and activate arms, legs, and core.

Sit on a bench facing the device and set the handles to a low position. Insert the bottom of a low pulley supporting the base into a 45 “opening in the base of the platform. Stretch your knees until your legs are straight and hold this position for a second or two.

C. Attach one of the 57 lat pulleys (35) to the right pulley (upper belt support 18). Pull the cable from the upper pulley to the lower pulley extension tube 43. C. Store the bib and bib holder 39 on both sides of the vertical frame.

C. Connect the two hand straps 38 with the Tech Rod Cable 11 for different exercises. Attach the ends of the Lat Bar Cable 35, Leg Developer Cable 36 and Cable Hanger 42 to the side of the vertical frame. D. Connect Ends 40 of Leg Developer Cables 36, Cable Hangers and Tech Rod Cables 11.

I have an additional techrod to increase resistance to the default setting. In an attempt to sell the techrod, I use it as a bow flex to offer some resistance.

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