Best Cheap And Affordable Squat Racks

Do you want to do serious strength training in your home/garage gym without blowing a big hole in your wallet?

Then a functional, well-built, low-budget squat rack is the way to go for.

But, with so many options available today, it has become almost impossible to choose the right squat rack for your needs.

That is why I’ve created this guide.

To help you choose the best squat rack for your strength training without losing a ton of money.

You see, as a personal trainer and the manager of 4 gyms, I’ve tested over 275 squat racks in 15 months.

And, after putting each of them through hell, I’ve selected seven top-of-the-line squat racks that will fit well within your budget.

So without further adieu, let’s get started.

1. The Titan T-2 Series Short Squat rack ($380 – $400)

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The Titan T-2 Series Short Squat rack is your go-to option if you want to move some serious weight.

Retailing just around the $380-$400 price range, it’s built to handle some serious weights while aiming for your safety and comfort.

Made using a 2″ x 2″ 12 gauge steel frame, it can support weights up to 2,200 pounds. And the J cups alone can take weights of 850lbs. So, you’ve got nothing to worry about when it comes to strength.

It’s also easy to assemble, as it comes with all the hardware you’ll ever need, including the hooks.

Another benefit of this squat rack is that it can fit in small basements that house your standard squat racks.


  • Can handle some serious weight
  • Features a 44” workout space
  • 2” x 2” 12 gauge steel frame
  • Superb build quality for its price
  • Flexible sizing


  • Does not offer grip variety.
  • Too short for tall lifters

2. The RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack by Rogue Fitness ($500)

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If you are looking to bang some serious weight while saving space, then the Titan T-2 Series Short Squat rack will suit your needs perfectly.

But, if you specifically want to save some space with your squat rack, then the RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack by Rogue Fitness is for you.

Retailing for $500, The RML-3W is an American-made squat rack, built from 3″x 11″ gauge steel uprights, that’s guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

To provide you with greater precision while lifting, they are laser cut with Westside Barbell hole spacing. And the uprights are over 90 inches tall to accommodate the tallest lifters.

Now, based on your requirements, you can pick a size that is either 21.5 or 41.5 inches deep and 49 inches wide.

If you’d like, you can also buy the optional stringer for $50. But I’d strongly suggest that you do so because increased stability in a squat rack is never a bad thing.


  • Doesn’t take up much room
  • American made
  • Flexible depth sizing


  • The additional stinger makes installation a bit harder than the others.
  • The pull-up bar is short for anyone taller than 6’2

3. Fringe Sport Squat Rack with Pull-up Bar – Garage Series ($290)

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The Fringe Sport Squat Rack with Pull-up Bar – Garage Series is a cost-effective solution for lifters looking for a no B.S. squat rack in their budget.

Made from heavy-gauge steel with 3″ uprights, it features hole spacings both above and below the uprights. This helps both tall and short users to get in a workout.

One more benefit is that it allows you to pull racks from a lower point. Unfortunately, most home/garage gym owners usually overlook this benefit when shopping for a squat rack.

But that’s not even the best part…

You see, along with being cost-effective, Fringe Sport offers FREE shipping on this squat rack. 


  • FREE shipping
  • Flexible hole positioning
  • Compact


  • Basic design
  • Supports less weight than its peers.

4. Merax Athletics Fitness Squat rack Olympic Squat Cage ($400 – $700)

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The Merax Athletics Fitness Squat rack Olympic Squat Cage comes with a lat pull and bar, a low row cable, and a knurled chin-up bar across the top. Plus, you get security bars for added stability.

It also features 4 J hooks, with two attached to the safety bars outside the cage.

With this squat rack, you get 21 adjustment levels and a heavy-duty 2″x 2″ steel frame.

The Merax holds a total of 800lbs, 650lbs of rackable weight inside the cage, and 500lbs of rackable weight outside the cage.

Not just that…

You also get a lifetime warranty on the frame itself. And a 2-year warranty on the attachments like the J hooks and safety rods.

But, even if it comes with various features that make it a squat rack for general bodybuilding, it’s not the best choice for the strongest lifters.


  • Features lat attachment with low row
  • Two extra J hooks attached to the safety bars
  • Two security bars for added stability
  • A Multi-functional rig


  • A poor choice for strength training
  • No replacements are available for the cable and the rubber stopper.


5. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage ($400-$450)

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For beginners, the Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage is a good choice. Known to handle weights up to 800lbs, it works well for average lifters.

It features a unique design held together at the top by the multi-grip dual pull-up bar and a smaller security bar in the back.

The 810XLT comes close to many squat racks in its group with a steel frame and a beam across the back and a dual chin-up bar at the front.

Speaking of the dual chin-up bar, it’s in the midway back. This allows for different types of grips, including a close hammer-style grip.

With its 2″x2″ steel frames and 19-hole adjustments, it can house a variety of attachments, such as plate holders, a lat machine, a landmine, and a bench.

The bench is essential because you want a bench that aligns perfectly with the lift-off points and the potential failure points of your exercise.

The 810XLT is a good choice for above than average lifters. But again, it’s not built for some serious strength training.


  • Comes with a Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar
  • Can support up to 800lbs
  • Additional attachments are available for an extra cost


  • Unreliable steel frame design
  • Not built for heavy strength training,


6. Body-Solid Powerline PPR200X Squat rack ($531)

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The Body-Solid Powerline PPR200X Squat rack features a 2″x2″ 14-gauge steel frame, supporting weights up to 600lbs. This makes it the best match for average lifters who are not doing pure strength training.

With the PPR200X Powerline Squat rack, you get 42″ space between the front pillars for your workouts. And it features 18 hole adjustments placed every 3″.

Not just that…

You also get short lift-off rods and long safety rods that guarantee optimal safety.

You can get attachments for a few extra bucks, including a bench with leg extension or curl, a lat attachment, and a dip attachment.

Although it’s not a good choice for strength training, it is good if you’re looking for some general fitness training.


  • Comes with a 2″X2″ 14 gauge steel frame
  • Has around 18 adjustment levels set every 3”
  • Features a 41″ wide knurled chin-up bar on the top
  • Supports weights of 600lbs
  • Multiple attachments are available along with this squat rack.


  • It’s not strong enough for a very heavy workout.
  • Basic squat rack design with no added functionalities.

Now before we get into the next one, I need you to understand…

Out of all the 275 squat racks I’ve thoroughly examined,

And the seven top-of-the-line squat racks that I’ve selected for this guide…

The next squat rack is the only one that stood out the most for its compactness, versatility, durability, functionality, and low price.

And that squat rack is…


7. The REP PR-1100 Home Gym Squat Rack by Rogue Fitness ($350-$380)

Click here to check availability.

The REP PR-1100 Home Gym Squat rack was specifically designed for home or garage gym owners.

It is a good choice for some serious strength training. This squat rack has a 1,000lb weight capacity and can support 700lbs, making it well-suited for 98% of lifters. 

Made using 14-gauge steel that’s 84″x48″x 7.5″ deep, it also features a workout space that’s almost 44″ wide.

What’s more?

It comes with a multi-grip pull-up bar at the top, which allows you to do pull-ups with either a pronated, supinated or even a neutral grip. With a thicker bar on the back, you can also work on your grip strength.

Priced at $360, the PR-1100 is the best choice for most lifters looking for a fully-functional squat rack in their budget.

That’s not all…

The REP PR-1100 Home Gym Squat Rack also features plastic-lined J cups. These J cups will protect your barbell from any damage induced when re-racking the bar.


  • 1,000lbs weight capacity.
  • Features a 44” workout space
  • Comes with a multi-grip chin-up bar
  • Best low-budget squat rack


  • None, if you consider the low price.

Now, you might be thinking

That’s all good.

But, how do I decide which squat rack to buy from this list?

Well, when you’re shopping for a squat rack for your home/garage gym,

There are a couple of things you must consider.


The Size

The size of your squat rack is essential. Because you need your squat rack to at least fit in your gym space.

Now you can go for a big squat rack, and for the most part, they are at least 7′ tall.

But, it would be best if you also considered the width of your squat rack. You need something that can support a 7′ bar — if you plan to do your core lifts inside the squat rack— and comes with a workout space o” 44″.

This will guarantee you optimal safety when you hit those top lifts.

The Hardware

When it comes to squat racks, you don’t need anything flimsy.

At the least, you need a squat rack that has 14 gauge steel. Anything else isn’t worth your time.

Also, your squat rack has to be able to withstand the repeated racking of hundreds of pounds of weight after your sessions.

The Hole spacing

Hole spacing comes in 2 general formats:

  • The Standard Format
  • The Westside Format.

Among these two, the Westside format offers you more precision for your barbell placement. Again, this is a must if you’re a serious lifter.

The Fixings

Secure fixings are essential for any lifter.

In some cases, there will be a stringer attached to the wall for wall-mounted racks. And in other cases, for standard racks, you will need to bolt it down. Both are good choices, but you need to ensure you have the necessary Do-It-Yourself skills for the job.

If you don’t, you need to look for someone who does. Or, you can pick the alternative.

Now I’ve shared with you four factors to look out for when buying your low-budget squat rack.

But, more important than these four factors is for you to make sure that…

You Do Not Get Distracted By Useless Features

Let’s face it.

You are not buying a squat rack for its name…

Or how it looks, etc.


You are buying a squat rack for its build quality, versatility, functionality, and low price.

And I’ve mentioned earlier…

The REP PR-1100 Home Gym Squat rack is the only squat rack built for compactness, flexibility, and strength and lasts you a lifetime.

Even at its low price of $360, the PR-1100 blows the competition away regarding functionality, build quality, and versatility.

what’s more…

If you order the REP PR-1100 today…

With getting it for the low price of just $360, you also get to take advantage of RoFitness’ess’ FREE shipping offer.

So, click here and get your REP PR-1100 shipped for FREE to your home/garage gym today.

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No company has come close to RoFitness’sss’s varied and customization, but Body-Solid has two very powerful power racks perfect for home gyms. Rogue Echo Stand (optional with spotter shooters) and the Rep SR-4000 can be used for lifts up to 400 lbs. So if you have a lot of space and want to do more than squats, a power rack is probably your best home gym option.

While they are inherently more stable than squat racks and better suited for any severe lift, strength racks tend to be more expensive and take up more space in your home/gym/garage. On the other hand, heavy-duty, durable squat racks are virtually inexpensive, making it easy to squat under the bar without emptying the bar-side drawer.

If you pick the perfect pair from the list above, you can be sure to get a fantastic Squat Rack that will provide you with the best value for money for your budget. Of course, as with most fitness equipment, you have a wide variety of options and prices, but the purpose of this article is to point you to racks that combine excellent quality at an affordable price. I will then consider the characteristics, build quality, accessories, versatility and cost, and everything relevant and vital to you as a buyer.

We’ve reviewed strength and squat racks from industry leaders like Rogue Fitness, Body-Solid, Valor Fitness and XMark to accelerate this process to help you find the best home gym rack. Each rack is then rated for pros and cons and affordability to help you find the perfect home gym rack. After considering all 4 of these criteria, you should better understand which strength or squat rack is best for your home gym.

This strength rack weighs less than most of the racks in this guide but doesn’t hide; it’s more for general fitness exercises – workouts. 

The Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage is a good choice for intermediate athletes but not serious strength training; it’s the right fit for your home gym; this strength frame will provide years of worry-free barbell strength training. 

The Powerline Powerline PPR200x Rack is another budget gym equipment popular with garage gym owners due to its low cost (around $ 300) and reliability. The unit also has an incline chin bar, spotter levers, weight plate holder, cable pulley system and power bench. The rack also features resistance band mounting posts and multiple height adjustment notches for greater flexibility.

The rack is 44 inches wide and 48 inches deep (or 26 inches from the inside of the front bar to the back bar), with adjustment holes 2 inches apart. The rack is versatile, suitable for squats and push-ups, bench presses, and pull-ups. Users appreciate flexible training options and a sturdy rack design.

Due to its large size, those without adequate open space (or large enough interior space) may want to consider other racks. However, it’s not even the cheapest choice due to its large size, so make sure you get the right one. The Sunny Health and Fitness Power Squat Rack with a sturdy frame, adjustable J-hooks, spotter arms, safety straps and pivot support offers a variety of exercise options so that workouts never get old.

The Merax rack is supplied with a basic pull-up bar, two safety hooks and a pair of safety bars. It doesn’t take up much space but can hold up to 300 pounds for safe home presses and squats. In addition, the Merax rack includes a grate, making it a good choice for confined spaces.

Squat supports and strength racks are essential for training equipment that you should find in any home gym to do weight lifting and strength development; these two exercises are all you need if you are short on space or are not lifting enough weights they can be a decent option.


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