Best Elliptical For Full-Body Workout

The year 2020 swiftly became the year of at-home workouts. From virtual gym classes to runs around the garden, everyone has found the perfect workouts and equipment to use while the gyms are closed. So if you’re still not quite ready to transition back to busy, sweaty group classes, but you want a well-rounded and challenging workout, then perhaps the elliptical machine is for you!

The elliptical gives you a great workout without putting pressure on your joints. Though they are big and bulky, ellipticals can give you an excellent whole-body workout, so you won’t need to pay for tons of equipment or a gym membership.

What is the best elliptical for a full-body workout?

We have compiled a list of the five best ellipticals out there to save you the time of poring through hundreds of models on Amazon. Ideally, the elliptical will challenge you with a high-intensity cardio workout, but it will also help you build your endurance and strength.

It can be quite a challenge to find the right elliptical for you because there is such a vast range of them. On one end of the spectrum, we have the no-frills ellipticals that won’t break the bank, all the way to the best and brightest machines, which connect to your health and fitness apps and can guide you through several workouts. We’ll take a look at many ellipticals that are the best in their category, so you are guaranteed to find the right fit for you.

First up; the Schwinn Fitness 411 Compact Elliptical Machine

Schwinn Fitness 411 Compact Elliptical

The Schwinn 411 boasts that it is the most compact elliptical model out there, so this is an excellent option if you don’t have a lot of space for your home workouts. Additionally, it won’t break the bank!

The Schwinn has 16 levels of adjustable resistance and the option for moving and fixed handlebars if you feel like opting out of your arms workout. Heart rate sensors in the grips monitor your heart rate, and a console displays the time, calories, speed, and distance of your workout.

The downside of the Schwinn is that it has a colourless display and basic functions with only three settings; manual, interval, and rolling hills, so if you’re looking for something fancy or modern, this one may not be for you. However, its simple technology makes it very intuitive to use. In addition, this model is compatible with the Around the World app so that you can go on over 50 different adventures right from the comfort of your living room! The basic console does not display the app, though, so you will need to follow along on your phone.

Next up, the NiceDay Elliptical Trainer

NiceDay Elliptical Trainer

This easily-assembled NiceDay Elliptical is marginally more expensive than the Schwinn but comes with considerably more options. This elliptical has wider pedals and a stationary handlebar, which runs more smoothly and safely. It runs on a magnetic drive system, which means your electricity bill won’t suffer. In addition, it enables the machine to run very quietly, so you won’t disturb everyone in the household every time you work out. The digital monitor displays time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate.

The NiceDay is a reasonably large model and enforced with steel, making it very sturdy and stable and very heavy, which could be an inconvenience if you need to pack it away after workouts.

Thirdly, we have the ultra-comfortable and easy-to-use

Teeter FreeStep LT3 Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

Teeter Trainer

If you are already struggling with lower back or joint pain, then this is the elliptical for you! It is super easy and intuitive to use because the console is relatively basic, and you can adjust your height and angle with a knob on the side of the seat. Of course, you can still work your upper and lower body simultaneously, engaging all of your major muscle groups to build strength and burn more calories, but the Teeter Trainer allows you to do this with almost no impact on your joints.

One drawback of this machine is that you may be tempted to lean into that backrest and put in minimum effort. Because of the reclined seat, you will have to make the extra effort to challenge yourself in each workout, as there is a bit of room for slacking off. However, the reclined seat also means isolating muscle groups and areas to work out. It is excellent for beginners or people returning to exercise after an injury or rest.

Next up, we have the Nautilus E616.

Nautilus E616

The Nautilus is a little more modern and technologically advanced than the previous models, and it offers 25 different levels of resistance to choose from. This elliptical has enhanced Bluetooth connectivity so that you can track and monitor your progress with any of your health or fitness apps. The Nautilus has a perimeter-weighted flywheel making it easier to start up, and it ensures relatively smooth and consistent workouts. This elliptical is compatible with Around the World, but you need to purchase a separate subscription. 

Now for the cons- the Nautilus is quite big and heavy, and some users have reported that it feels like it is on an incline, even with the settings on “No Incline.” This means that it might feel more like a Stair Master than an elliptical, though that’s not a bad thing if you’re looking to tone those glutes for the holiday season! Finally, the Bluetooth feature does not enable you to play audio, so that you would need a separate music source while you are working out if you are also using Around the World.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Queen of all Ellipticals; the

GoElliptical V-600X


The GoElliptical has 24 different resistance levels, adjustable swinging arms, super-size pedals, plus it looks stylish as hell! A large LED screen shows you your program profile, time, speed, distance, pulse, and calories, and it runs so smoothly and quietly you’ll barely notice you’re running on a machine! It has a water bottle rack, and best of all, you can run your favourite Get Pumped playlist through the headphone jack while you charge your phone or tablet through the USB port.

These bells and whistles make this the most expensive and complicated elliptical to set up. But never fear! A clear instruction manual is provided, so call a friend over to come and help you, and it should be good to go in no time!

Full-Body Elliptical FAQ:

How can I get started using one?

Your first time on the elliptical, you want to focus on getting good form so that you don’t develop bad habits or posture. Once you have the form down (have a look at some videos if you’re not sure), then you should start with low resistance. After about a week, you should feel pretty comfortable and confident and ready for more! Because ellipticals are so low-impact, you can start strong with 20-60minute workouts up to five times a week for your first month. There are several free beginner workout ideas on YouTube, too!

Do ellipticals help lose belly fat?

Your belly is called your “core” for a reason! Your core strength helps your posture, stability, flexibility, and strength overall. When you use the moving handles while you pedal on the elliptical, you are working out your whole body, and your core is the centre of all the action! For an extra boost, engage your core muscles while you run. You’ll be feeling it tomorrow!

Can I use my computer while exercising on an elliptical?

This is not recommended! If you can set up your laptop nearby and are only using it to watch something, this is safe; however, it is not safe to try and type while on the elliptical.

Are elliptical machines safe?

Ellipticals are safe to be used sensibly and responsibly. You might find yourself wanting to use the elliptical without its arms for the first time if you’re not familiar with them. This can help you get comfortable with the movement. After getting the basic movements down, you can add the arms into the mix. 

How much does it cost to exercise on an elliptical machine?

You can spend between $450 and $10 000 on an elliptical machine. If all you want is a good workout, you do not need to spend anything more than $1000 for a no-frills experience. There is also not a huge difference between the ellipticals that cost $3000 and the ellipticals that cost $9000. We suggest spending between $1,000 – $2,000 for good quality, durable machine packed with features to help you track your workouts and keep you focused and moving.

Elliptical Top Tips 

To avoid lower back pain, don’t slouch on the elliptical. Instead, make sure to engage your abdominal muscles, push your shoulders back, and keep your chin slightly lifted for the best results.  

Make sure to change up the levels of resistance and your speed to pump up your heart rate to burn the maximum calories.

Ellipticals are supposed to be a full-body workout, so you should use the handles at least periodically in your workouts. The most common mistake is leaning on the stationary handles when you’re tired, which means your workout won’t be as effective.

Ensure that there is enough space around your elliptical for the pedals to have their full extension forwards and backward. Keep this in mind when placing your new machine near a wall.

Connect your elliptical to a health tracking app and post your workouts. That way, you are held accountable for your training regimen, and your friends and family can cheer you on and congratulate you as you pass each milestone.

Don’t let children near your elliptical without adult supervision. All the moving parts can be dangerous.

Look for a warranty that provides 3-7 years of coverage on parts and at least one year on labor. If you are using your elliptical regularly, you want to make sure that you make a good investment in something that will last.

Is there anything else I need to know about buying an elliptical?

As you stand on the pedals of your elliptical, your handlebars should be at a height where you don’t need to lean forward or reach down to grab them comfortably. You also want your wrists to be at a comfortable angle. This will ensure that you keep the correct posture throughout your workout, and it will help prevent stiffness and soreness. That being said, make sure to stretch before and after using the elliptical.

We suggest that you try it out for yourself before you buy an elliptical to bring home. Whether you shop online and read a ton of customer reviews or purchase a machine from the store, we recommend that you try it out in person if you can. You never know how a machine will feel from pictures or reviews, so it’s best to make sure the stride feels right and nothing chafes against you. When testing out the ellipticals, you should also make sure that the lowest resistance is easy for you to operate, and you should start to find it challenging when it reaches about 75% intensity. This will ensure that as you train, you have room to grow.

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The automatic incline offers added resistance and can vary your workouts with 20 elliptical routes. The constant resistance that you get from the elliptical trainer pedals places pressure on your muscles and joints, ensuring an easy way to maintain your cardio fitness. The elliptical trainer also gives a full-body workout similar to natural walking if you use the handles.

Add arm exercises, and you have the best cardio machine you can get. An elliptical trainer is a good investment for cardiovascular equipment that does not stress the joints.

The best elliptical machines have multiple stride lengths and options to increase or decrease resistance as you see fit to provide a low-impact cardio workout. And with the best elliptical trainers, you can tailor your training to your desired difficulty level by increasing resistance, increasing the incline, and moving your arms and legs faster or slower. In addition, the best elliptical trainers offer a variety of workout types that suit a variety of workout programs.

Elliptical machines are also a great way to cross-train with other sports such as running or lifting weights as they support your cardio health without having to put your body to its limits or risk injury (elliptical machines have less impact than treadmills where your feet are constantly rushing on the belt) Elliptical machines are suitable machines for a complete workout as they strengthen your lower and upper body and even your legs.

When you’re ready to switch places a little, you can combine your elliptical workout with your upper body workout. So whether you are a beginner looking for high-intensity interval training or testing different muscle groups, elliptical training is for you.

The elliptical trainer works best as a cardiovascular machine to help you lose weight, burn calories and improve endurance like any cardio workout. It works the arms and legs to provide a full-body workout and can provide the benefits of both cardio training and strength training by exceeding treadmills and exercise bikes in both performance and endurance.

The elliptical training is more complicated than it sounds, almost every muscle group in the lower body, including the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. In addition, exercise with a high impact load can cause severe joint damage over time, so it is recommended that you continue with a low impact exercise (such as an elliptical trainer).

Don’t wash elliptical machines out of their ineffectiveness – you can get a challenging HIIT workout on this amazingly compact machine. It slight kick compared to a treadmill yet tough enough to make you feel like you are exercising. The elliptical is genuinely the best of both worlds – elliptical trainers with different resistance levels offer an excellent workout for beginners and advanced athletes.

Like most home fitness machines, elliptical machines come in various designs and uses, from the simplest to commercial and gym equipment. There are foldable elliptical trainers, under-table elliptical trainers, outdoor elliptical trainers and elliptical trainers that convert into other machines.

The best elliptical trainers usually include everything you need for a challenging but comfortable workout at home. When selecting an elliptical trainer for your home, the most important thing to consider is whether you want a comfortable, stable, low-load and stimulating workout. Here are the best elliptical trainers to add to your home workout regimen to get fit without doing anything too fancy, complex or difficult to train.

This mid-range elliptical trainer from the Max Trainer series has a wide range of lower and upper body exercises with 16 resistance levels and two workout programs. Sunny Health & Fitness offers a $ 500 magnetic elliptical trainer that shows you can get a quality trainer without breaking money. This machine is best suited for people with short steps – the stride length is 18 inches, and the motorized resistance system has 16 levels.

This machine also has a solid steel frame and feels very stable for an overall balanced workout. While all ellipticals offer less exercise stress than other cardio machines, this one also has large, padded footrests and ergonomic handles that add comfort and flexibility.


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